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Twilight Drifter
Once again, I drift to the vastness of void...
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27th-Jun-2009 12:21 pm - [sticky post] Locked

Comment to be added, or I will not know you added me.

This is a private blog, so I have to know you from somewhere else or you will not be added.

If you do get added...Collapse )

Please visit Beyond Eternal for my public blog,
and Attic Moth for my other random blog.

If you got here for my sigtags and other pixel graphics,
please visit my pixel gallery for them.

I also make graphics for gothiiccharm and enam0re.

Friends only banner by glowstar.
18th-Dec-2016 10:45 pm - Under Xmas Tree 2016 Christmas Trees
Pixel: Winter

Hi loves!

For those who has a christmas tree up in under_xmas_tree
and wanted to receive something from me,
please post your gift bag links here.

Please use the form below:

For those who are interested in leaving me gifts,
this is the link to my christmas tree.

18th-Dec-2016 10:42 pm - Season Gifts 2016 Gift Bags
Pixel: Xmas

Hi loves!

For those who has a gift bag in seasongifts
and wanted to receive something from me,
please post your gift bag links here.

Please use the form below:

For those who are interested in leaving me gifts,
this is the link to my gift bag.

15th-Aug-2016 03:20 am - Picasa Web Albums
Pixel: Winter
Google finally shut down Picasa Web Albums and moved the images to Google Photos.

Thus, my entire blog is a a mess due to tons of images missing.

You'll find images missing from my old posts too, here and in communities. But worry not, I'll be cleaning them up. It might take a bit, but I'll be deleting old community posts I made because broken images are irritating to see.

9th-Mar-2016 10:20 am - Happy Women's Day!
Pixel: Winter
Happy Women's Day loves!

You can take the giftie as is, just click it to take. Or you can request for it and use it as a siggie. Just leave me a comment her. Hair can be changed to black, red, blonde and brown. Default is brown, when not specified.

26th-Nov-2015 12:37 pm - Under the The Tree
So you know, there's this cool new event called under_xmas_tree.

It's run by moonshinefaerie. The concept is that every member who joined will have his/her own Christmas tree (a post), and people leave gifts to their tree. Yes, it has the same concept as treat_or_trick that I always join.

You guys might be interested in it, so I'm promoting it. I'll be posting a thread later on on the communities I'm a part of for those who are interested in receiving a gift from me.
6th-Feb-2015 03:16 pm - Romantiics Blinkies
Pixel: Winter

A new blinkie community! It's owned by moonshinefaerie. Currently, she has 2 new offers open.

If you ended up joining, please leave my username there, that I referred you.

4th-Feb-2015 01:05 pm - Toyscraps
Pixel: Winter

Oh, and I would like to share this cute new community by zeus and cranes.

They make really cute blinkies an icons, etc. If you ended up joining, please leave a note to the page that I referred you. ♥

22nd-Jan-2015 02:30 pm - ATTN: Friends Cut
Pixel: Winter
Recently, LJ is becoming more active since mama made an LJ private group at Facebook. A lot of old LJ users has been coming back so I decided to come back to blogging here at LJ as well.

I thought would start again in a clean slate. So I'm doing a Friends Cut. If you're still around LJ and would like to keep me as a friend, please comment to this post so that I could exclude you from the clean up. I'll do the clean up at Feb 1st, 2015, so you have until the end of Janauary to do so.

I'll probably also rename my username, sometime soon (if I get funds for it).

People excluded in the cut:

glowstar laurahonest brutal adorablexi mama hisescape skrain_bodak rozehism starskynight portus harts swtspice adawong faerycharmjulie gad21 bloody

4th-Dec-2014 02:15 pm - All Things Cute
Pixel: Winter
Hello Loves,

Heather (adawong) is back! And she's re-openning her community, allthingscute.

allthingscute offers tons of graphic variations such as sigtags and blinkies. There are also contests and other fun games to join in.

I found her community months ago and thought that her graphics are really pretty, creative and cute! You might be interested in joining as well. If you do, please mention my username, nvr_existed that I referred you. :)

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